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Non-Profit Resume

I support various organizations as a sustaining member to protect natural environments, their species, water and the air on Earth. My goal is effective campaigning for large, established environmentalist organizations.

2017-Present = Campaign Director in Washington Township, Ohio

''Save HitherGreen Now'' Campaign:

2016 = Community Organizer in Cincinnati, Ohio

Communities United for Action

  • Phone Canvassing, Meeting Attendance, Emails

2014, 2016 = Community Organizer in Ohio & Kentucky

Ohio Citizen Action (OCA)

  • Field Canvassing, Meeting Attendance, Emails

2011, 2012, 2013 = Community Organizer in Indiana

Citizen Action Coalition (CAC)

  • Field Canvassing, Meeting Attendance, Emails

Issues of OCA & CAC campaigns focused on anti-pollution, utility-rate prices and other consumer rights' litigation. Both offices educated citizens by researching and publishing (otherwise disclosed) information to empower change.

Note: I have multiple resumes.
My resume of animation, audio/video, print-
graphics & writing software is at:

My resume of brand promotions is at:


Ohio University  (2000-2004)

  • Degree - Bachelor's of Science in Visual Communication
  • Major - Information Design Publication - VisCom
  • Minor - Fine Arts - School of Fine Arts
  • Internship - Graphic Design & Marketing - Momentum Worldwide
  • Co-Op - Graphic Design & Marketing - Cincinnati Sub-Zero
  • Note - Degree Awarded in 2006 after Faculty Approved Co-Op



Don Demrow - ASG Software Solutions

Gene Koga - ASG Software Solutions

Griselda Caminero - Pathway Promotions
- No Email

Issy Miller - HarvestINFO

Jim Thompson - HarvestINFO

Kevin McIntryre - Franklin University

Liam Francht-Monroe - Ignition Inc
No Phone -

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