Brian Schmitz

Animator , Graphics Guru , Web-Interface Developer
Creative-Campaign Activator
Brand Advocate
Coder of


Mini Resume


  • HTML, Photoshop = 17 Years' Experience
    (Note: 17 Each Not 9+8)
  • CSS, XHTML= 12 Years
  • ActionScript, Flash, JavaScript = 9 Years
  • ASP, jQuery, PHP, WordPress = 6 Years
  • .NET, XML = 5 Years
  • AfterEffects, AJAX, AWS, Drupal, Java, JSP, MySQL, Node.js, PERL, SQL, Unix, VB
    = 1 Year, Less or Just Tutorials


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Bright Ideas

Created 3D Art, Pre-Press (Print),
Tradeshow Videos, Web Updates
- HTML, Photoshop, Picasa, SolarCAD

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Harvest Info

Created Custom Corporate Artwork
- Photoshop

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Franklin University

Created Animated Ads
- Flash (AS3), Photoshop, InDesign

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Overhaul Designs of Main Site, Library Site,
Removed Flash, Installed jQuery on Main Site
& Migrated into New Wordpress Overhaul

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