Brian Schmitz

B.S. Ohio University, 2000-2004

Major: Info Design
Minor: Fine

Campaign Activator
Public-Land Advocate
Developer of


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Computer Skills...

  • HTML, Photoshop = 20 Years' Experience
    (Note: 20 Each Not 10+10)
  • CSS, XHTML= 15 Years
  • ActionScript, Flash, JavaScript = 12 Years
  • ASP, jQuery, PHP, WordPress = 9 Years
  • .NET, XML = 8 Years
  • AfterEffects, AJAX, AWS, Drupal, Java, JSP
    MySQL, Node.js, PERL, SQL, Unix, VB
    = 1 Year, Less or Just Tutorials

Computer Tools...

  • Captivate, Omniture, WebTrends
  • Google Adwords & Analytics
  • Unbiased Users

- Heated Flooring
- Custom Interior Masonry
- Wet Saw Skills
- Cement Mixing, Pouring & Smoothing
- Outdoor Residential Fencing
- Various Lighting Installation
- Some Electrical Maintenance
- Some Minor Plumbing
- Brush Painting ( Cutting-In )
- Large, Standard and Mini-Roller Painting
- Ceiling Pattern Stamping
- Fireproofing Standards
- Insulation ( Foams and Fibrous )
- Water-Sealing / Basement Piping
- Circuit Board Connections
- Cables, Wire-Feeds & Mold-Proof Compound
- Custom Closet Solution

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Bright Ideas Additions

Created 3D CAD Art of Four Seasons Sunrooms, Print Marketing,
Tradeshow Videos & Web Updates to (Offline)
- HTML, Photoshop, Picasa, SolarCAD

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Harvest Info

For 365 Days, I
Updated Custom Websites,
Created New Web Art,
Drank Coffee,
Operated PDF Inbox for Over
100 Newspaper Advertisers,
Drank More Coffee
Trained Other Staff
with PDF-Tutorial
Screen-Shot Visuals
Went Home at 16:00,
Relaxed, Ate Dinner
Checked FTP for New Work
Fixed PDF or HTML Issues Until 23:00

Saturday and Sunday Morning
Fixed PDF or HTML Issues

Company Blackberry Was ON at
Night to Ring from Newspapers,
Colleagues or Trainee

- AcrobatPro, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, FTP, Javascript, Photoshop, Unix, XHTML, XML

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Franklin University

Created Animated Ads
- Flash (AS3), Photoshop, InDesign

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